Celebrating Excellence

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Join us as we honor those who shine brightly in their golden years, blending timeless grace with a modern twist, all in the splendid hue of gold.

Celebrating Excellence


Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizing Joan Murphy for her exceptional contributions to community health and wellness programs, inspiring countless seniors to lead active, fulfilling lives.


Innovator of the Year

Awarded to Dr. Henry Kim for his groundbreaking work in senior-friendly technology, making digital spaces accessible and enjoyable for the elderly.


Community Hero

Honoring Linda Bennett for her dedication to creating intergenerational connections, fostering understanding and cooperation between seniors and youth in her community.

Voices of Victory

After retiring, I decided to turn my lifelong hobby of painting into a full-time passion. Winning the Rosie Award not only honored my artistic pursuits but also encouraged me to inspire others to explore their creativity, no matter their age.
Eleanor June
I never imagined that after 65, I’d start a tech company focused on smart solutions for seniors. The Rosie Award was a nod to my entrepreneurial spirit and a testament that innovation isn’t bound by age.
Martin Grey
Winning the Rosie Award was a pivotal moment for me. It recognized my efforts in environmental advocacy and boosted my projects on sustainable living for retirees. It’s never too late to make a difference.
Susan Choi

Celebrating Our Champions

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