Meet the Team

Zoe Share

Zoe Share

Creator and Founding Director, Strategy

Amy Altwerger

Amy Altwerger

Founding Director, Partnerships & People

Orna Hollander

Orna Hollander

Founding Director, Operations and Logistics

Stuart Grodinsky

Stuart Grodinsky

A/V Logistics, Event Support Lead

Our story

It all started with a feeling of hope.

Lots of people are getting older and there are a lot of problems. It all feels just a little depressing. But within all that fear, there is a spark of joy that comes out when someone shares their life story, the legacy they want to pass on, their goals for the final act of their life.

Rosie is all about capturing that joie de vivre. 

Our Journey

Explore the milestones that have defined Rosie’s Roadshow, an agile event company focused on active agers & their support networks.

July 20, '23

The Foundation

Rosie’s Roadshow was dreamed up by Creator Zoe Share, who simply wanted to bring life to the idea of her grandmother (who had recently passed) having a lovely day out. 

Sept 20 '23

First Flagship Event

Our inaugural roadshow launched, bringing joy and adventure to our first group of active agers and the people who love them! 

January '24

Setting Goals

  As the new year came through, Rosie’s Roadshow incorporates and starts revving it’s engines for the 2024 Season

May '24

Adding More Rosie's

In May 2024, 2 more founding directors joined the Rosie’s Team, completing the Founding Team of Four Rosie’s Warriors!

Summer '24

Rosie's Grows More!

Summer 2024 will involve more events, networking and workshop activations. 

Fall '24

The Flagship

As we welcome the fall of 2024, we cannot wait to celebrate the second annual flagship Rosie’s event! 

Hear from Our Guests

Well done! It was a really good quality event and more people should know about it!  – Priscilla

I know the ripple effect will make a huge impact on so many lives and it already has on mine. 💛 – Cindy

Positive Vibes and energy filled the rooms. You all make the world a better place. – Mike

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