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  • GTA, Ontario

What's the story behind Rosie's Roadshow?

This is not your grandmothers' backyard flea market!  

Rosie’s Retirement Roadshow was created to celebrate the incredible 65+ community. 


Created by Zoe Share in 2023, the Roadshow brings together artisans, speakers, experts and services that benefit the growing community of new retirees 65+ and folks who have been retired for many years now. 


Zoe aims to see hundreds of community members come out to the event to experience something new and curated specifically for 65- 90 year olds. She plans the event with the thought in mind “What would I want to do when I’m 75 years old? I want to be learning and doing fabulous things!”


Rosie’s Roadshow honours the amazing older ladies who have influenced Zoe. She has been surrounded by brave, hip and bold women, who always wanted to know what was cutting edge in tech, business, beauty and wanted to fill their lives with beauty and joy.